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Arrow needs to produce a series of webisodes over the hiatus featuring Oliver gaining some corporate experience as an employee of Felicity’s new company. She already has an executive assistant who is undoubtedly vastly more useful than Oliver, but why not hire him as a summer intern? The hijinks of Oliver trying to survive the corporate environment as an underling would be delightful. Each webisode could even have a pithy name. “Oliver vs. the Copy Machine” could see Oliver trying to figure out how to fix a paper jam without snapping and shooting it full of arrows. “Oliver vs. the Undergrads” could see Oliver being forced to eat lunch with a bunch of teenage interns who want him to buy them beer. “Oliver vs. the Handsy CEO” could see Oliver receiving an after-hours lesson in the company’s sexual harassment guidelines up in Felicity’s office. The possibilities are endless.
— Laura Hurley on her Review of Arrow 3X22 (X)

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