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most to least likely to consider marrying their own reflection


  1. leo. YASS
  2. libra. sure cuz no ones as purrfect as me
  3. gemini. which side of me will i marry today?
  4. aquarius. yes. im someone i can actually stand
  5. virgo. no one to bother me
  6. aries. me + me!! so much fun!!
  7. sagittarius. is that legal bcz i wanna try it
  8. capricorn. sure, but whats the point of marrying myself?
  9. pisces. kinda would…never alone again
  10. scorpio. no, i cant give all this love 2 myself??
  11. taurus. mmm no i need someone to cuddle me
  12. cancer. HELL NAH

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